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RMB cash machine identification ability technical specifications industry standard preaching


RMB cash machine identification ability technical specifications> financial industry standards were officially released on July 6. As the standard involves a wide range of industries, covering a large number of types of equipment, a greater impact on the cash machine industry, has been widespread concern.

To ensure that the majority of the RMB cash machine enterprises and users to accurately understand, correctly understand and widely accepted the standard, to understand the RMB equipment management requirements, the People's Bank will be July 28, 2017, 14: 00-16: 40 in Beijing Exhibition Hall report Office of the standard for the first public hearing.

At the appointed time, the People's Bank of China will be introduced by the relevant experts of the Institute of Printed Science and Technology of the People's Bank of China in detail. In this paper, a comprehensive introduction to the machine testing process is given, And the machine standards and testing related issues on-site solution.

Please participate in the majority of machinery enterprises.