Banknotes CIS Counter SH-09C

★More than 60 kinds Currencies
★Accurate CIS image recognition technology
★Check fake bills by UV, MG, MT& 1/2 CIS
★Sorting bills
★2CIS configure can read the bills’ serial number
★Report the details of the counted bills
★Simple operate of program update
★Fashion looking


▲Hopper capacity: 300pcs
▲Stacker capacity: 200pcs
▲Counting Speed: 800/1000/1200 pcs/min
▲Counting size: Length 110-185    Width 50-85mm
▲Interface: USB port and Rs232 port
▲Machine size: 251*278*293mm
▲Screen display: TFT
▲Machine weight: 6kgs
▲Power source: AC90-240V  50-60Hz
▲Power consumption: 115W
▲Suitable currency: MAX 10 currencies
▲Bill serial No.: to scan the serial No. Of Euro and USD bills.