Development capacity

Our company has 25 years experience on design and program the software of financial machine for most of the machine supplier and machine main board making factory in China.

We have got special views after these years programming, familiar with the machine develop direction, we are trying to make the ideas become the ones that can lead machine fashion in global range under the sense from more than 10 years selling the machines, we have plenty loyal customers from all over the world are willing to support us in a trust-sharing way, to help us make a better machine.

We are planning to set up project group, a energetic team, instead of center on one experienced engineer, this group will come up more ideas, working more efficient, there will be experienced engineers, and also younger engineers.

So far, we have optimized machine construction, make it more simple, easy to maintain; we have made a IR type machine, intend to replace piece counter can not be able to detect some kind currency version; we have achieved high speed counting, mix counting mode 1200pcs/min, counting mode 1500pcs/min, and also be able to recognize S/N No. in one pocket CIS machine. We will make more break to offer better machine to the market.